about Vastu

                    Vastu is a system that resembles nature. This is the system that our elderly people have created for a systematic and balanced living. The residence of a house should feel peace and security. The living room we live in is mildly associated with our mood. We can not make clear decisions when our minds are in confusion. More wrong decisions will impact our economy and our living. Our  ancestors devised scientific way for disciplined life, In the same way, they also devised rules for building a house. By following that, we can live in a rich and prosperous life.

highlighs of vastu
  1.  Vastu is a human race which lives in this world under the sun. It does not come under the religious doctrine.
  2. The basic truth of Vastu Shastra is that the solution to all the problems that we face can be solved if we use the precious sunlight in our home as the basis of nature.
  3. All the locks made in this world are made with keys. As it is, we have solutions to all the problems that we have in our home.
Advantages of andal vastu

             By following the rules of  Andal Vastu in our buildings, we can live up to a great deal of good morals, good wealth, good career, good relationships, good education, healthy and a peaceful life.

vastu vs andal vastu

               The rumors such as vastu is purges sold for money, vastu is an unnecessary pooja, vastu is a trick for money are not applicable for Andal Vastu.