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when to consultant an andal vastu expert

When to consult an Andal vastu expert for constructing a house, shop or industry.

  1. Before buying land for a house, shop, industry, complex, apartment or a wedding hall. Also while planning Initial building plan for the above.
  2. Before buying a house, shop..etc and also before renting the same.
  3. Before buying land or building and also while splitting the lands.
  4. Before making changes or extension to our house.
  5. Consult Andal vastu for planning events.

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Andal vastu consultant.

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Questions like, Vastu is practiced for money, how to live with self-confidence, Spiritual questions are answered by Andal vastu expert Mr. Andal P. Chockalingam in live show on puthuyugam TV every monday morning 7-7:30AM.

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Andal Vastu Expert

9443256236 / 8300256236.