Temples in neyveli

Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Deiva Nilayam

  Ramalinga was born in Marudur (next to Chidambaram, in South India), on sunday October, 5 1823. Being only five months, his parents carried him with themselves in pilgrimage to the temple of Nataraja in Chidambaram. His father died a month later. Moved their residence to Madras, the older brother Sabapathi assumed the responsibilities of family head. When Ramalinga was five years old, with a prodigious facility he learned to read under the supervision of the Sabapathi's teacher. Instead of attending to the school, he passed the time reciting in ecstasy poems written by himself in the temple of Kanthakottam (Madras). Sabapathi reproached him this attitude, but seeing that it didn't give any result he ordered his wife Pappammal never more admit him in their house to feed. Breaking this order, she fed him secretly when he was hungry because she considered him as if he was her own brother.

Natarajar Kovil, neyveli

  It is said that the idol of Lord Nataraja is made in accordance with the rules laid in the Bogar 4000 text using various herbals and five metals known as Panchaloka. Lord Shiva in the entrance of the temple is in the form of functioning His three activities of creation, sustaining and destroying. After the building of the Nataraja temple, the back side area of the place is named Sivapuram.

  While generally we see saint Manickavasagar at the feet of Lord Shiva, we see Saint Tirumoolar in this temple. Sages Vyakrapada and Patanjali are on both sides of Lord Nataraja in a sitting position. Against the tradition of Sun and Moon before the Lord in Shiva temples, Sun and Bhairava are here. The significance is that Bhairava graces here with 10 hands in the name Dasabuja Bhairava. Sani Baghwan graces from a separate shrine. The temple is administered by Panniru Tirumurai Valarchi Kazhagam. Another organization Naalvar Narpani Mandram serves the devotees.

Veludayanpattu Sri Siva Subramania Swamy Temple

  Veludayanpattu Sri Siva Subramania Swamy Temple, popularly called as Veludayanpattu Murugan Kovil is one among the most important temples of Neyveli. Veludayanpattu Sri Siva Subramania Swamy Temple is said to be the oldest Hindu temple in the region that it was built at least 800 years ago. The ancient temple is dedicated to the Tamil god of Lord Murugan.

In Tamil Nadu, it is regarded very special to visit temples where Lord Muruga (the generalissimo of the army of the devas and the second son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati) is present along with his consorts Devayanai (also known as Devasena, Deivanai or Deivayanai) - the daughter of Indra, the King of the Gods and God of Weather and War and Valli. In this Veludayanpattu Sri Siva Subramania Swamy Temple in Neyveli, Lord Muruga offers his blessings along with Devayanai and Valli and thus fondly called as

'Valli Deivanai Sametha Siva Subramania Swamy'.

Neyveli Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

  Neyveli has a small and beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba temple back to Srinivasa Perumal kovil in Block 27. This Sai baba temple foundation stone was laid on the occasion if Vijayadasami day in 2013.

 Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who is regarded by his devotees to be a manifestation of Sri Dattaguru and identified as a saint and a fakir. He was revered by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees during, as well as after his lifetime.

Selva Vinayagar Temple Neyveli Tamil Nadu India

  Selva Vinayagar Temple Neyveli temple is located at Neyveli Town Ship in Tamil Nadu States of India.The temple was built about 500 to 1000 years agoThe temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Selva Vinayagar Temple is a very small beautiful temple and back side of this New Sai Baba temple is there. In this temple Ganapati Idol are very nice and colorful one.In this temple on Ganesh Chaturthi festival many people come and take blessing Lord Vinayagar.