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G.BHASKAR DCSE, B.Com. is an Andal Vastu Expert. His Origin Is from Neyveli, Cuddalore District. He was born In Tiruchirappalli. He has Studied Diploma in Computer Science Engineering from Srinivasa Polytechnic College (Groups of Moogambigai), at Keeranur, Pudukkottai (Dt) and his Bachelor's Degree In Commerce at Annamalai University Chidambaram.

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About Vastu

Vastu is a system that resembles nature. This is the system that our elderly people have created for a systematic and balanced living. The residence of a house should feel peace and security. The living room we live in is mildly associated with our mood. We can not make clear decisions when our minds are in confusion. More wrong decisions will impact our economy and our living.

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Andal Vastu is the only way to live in an environment that is free from nature. There are seven rules. They must be in the ground or in the building square.

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The rule of Andal vastu is common to houses, shops and factories. However, following should be taken care of while it's a house. 1. Any corner of the house constructed

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Vastu Shop/Factory

Following has to paid attention when constructing a shop/factory. 1. Storage location of raw materials

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T Junction rules are one of the important Vastu rules. It is a matter of fact that T junctions decide one's victories. Four T junctions

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Vastu Statistics

  • More than 80% home buyers are likely to sacrifice elements like the floor rise and size for a Vastu compliant home.
  • 93% Of home buyers seek vastu compliants homes.
  • 4 out of 5 prospective home buyers enquire about Vastu compliancy of a home before physically visiting it.
  • Vastu compliance is more prominent in South India, less in the North, followed by East & least in the West.
  • Joint Families are more inclined towards Vastu compliant homes vis a vis Nuclear Families.
  • Direction of Entrance takes precedence over the Direction of Kitchen, Bathroom, Puja room and Bedroom.
  • Businessmen exhibit higher Vastu compliance as compared to Professionals.
  • Vastu compliant homes are sold faster

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